Whether you're Active Duty Military on PCS orders or your company is moving you to a new location, moving around the country can be a logistical nightmare. We know, because we've been through it multiple times. Luckily, we like to fix what bugs us. 


Here, we subscribe to the 90% Preparation - 10% Execution rule. Meaning, we want to have the keys to your newly purchased or rented home IN HAND the day you arrive. Because this is the one time we'll say NO: 


- NO 30-90 day hotel stays (Often with your spouse, kids, pets, and anything you could fit in the car). 

- NO living out of suitcases. 

- NO waiting to get your kids registered for school because you don't have a permanent address. 

- NO sending your household goods to storage because you don't have a permanent address. 

- NO stress. 


We don't just believe getting a roof over your head is it though. We like to look at things a little more holistically. We open our full toolbox to you. Things you might need could include: 


- Spouse Job Support: We're connected to some of the top job placement organizations in the area. This includes everything from resume help to getting certified in a new industry, to conneting you with companies who are currently hiring. 


- School, utility, government, emergency services, recreation, and food information: You're coming into a brand new space; we want to help orient you easily, and quickly. 


- Top-Rated Moving Companies: We build strategic relationships with companies who hold the highest standards. Our moving company partner is planted all over the country, and moves hundreds upon hundreds of people a year. 



Home Buyer Relocation Service List: 

- Agent Representation
- Home Buyer Consultation
- Individual & Family Relocation Consulting
- MLS Access
- Automated House Hunter
- Guided Home Tours 
- Newcomer Packets (Schools, housing, taxes, childcare, etc)
- Mortgage Pre-approval Assistance
- Escrow Management
- Transaction Management
- Job Search Assistance for Family Members
- Discounts on Temporary Living, Car Rentals, Hotels
- Coordination of Temporary Living and Storage Units
- Agents Available 7 Days a Week
- Expert Local-area Expertise
- Home Purchase Tax Implication Pamphlets


Home Seller Relocation Service List: 

- Agent Representation
- Competitive Market Analysis
- Estimated Net Proceeds
- Seller Relocation Consultation
- Pre-Listing Make-ready Consultation
- MLS Listing Input
- Zillow – Redfin – Realtor.com Listing Input
- Lock Box Installation
- “For Sale” Sign
- Dedicated Social Media Campaign
- Mega Open Houses
- Offer(s) Analysis & Summary
- Offer Negotiation
- Property Management Services
- Escrow Management
- Transaction Management
- Nationwide Agent Network


 Home Renter Relocation Service List:

- Access to Exclusive Inventory
- Application Fee Refund
- Newcomer Packets (Schools, housing, taxes, childcare, etc)
- Guided Rental Home Tours
- Lease Comes With Option to Purchase
- Rent Certainty Guaranteed for 5 Years
- Discounts on Temporary Living, Car Rentals, Hotels
- Coordination of temporary living and storage units
- Agents Available 7 Days a Week
- Local-area Expertise



Operation: Red Dot Relocation Services are perfect for individuals and families, Corporations, and the US Military. Setup a consultation today to see how we can help!